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I went skiing today. With my dog, of course, because of course you ski with your dog! :)  I was sweating, my knees were trembling, my skis were slipping, and the dog was pulling around my waist because she was attached to me there. I huffed and breathed heavily and after reaching almost the top of the hill I collapsed down. I looked back from where I had arrived and yeah, it was like 100 metres of hill. 

So, I am convinced skiing is not my thing, not at least with full winter clothing. I slid down fast so that my pants grabbed snow at the back as I fell. Of course! I am quite sure now that downhill skiing is my thing. So, FOR SALE! Cross-country skis, they are 180 cm length, and about 25 years old. 

In the end I want to share a thought about wine. "vino finitur sentiant clamantes". It means My wine is finished and I feel like crying.

Oh,  you know, I can always trade the skis with a large pack of wine! Anyone? 

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